WELCOME to 1888

A pleasant Second LifeĀ® victorian role play community located in a sometimes dangerous district of London, circa 1888.

The Ripper is here and our new opera house has already acquired a phantom. Sherlock has a flat (221B of course) but he refuses to become involved in the Ripper case. Seems he has his own challenges with one Professor Moriarty.

The shopping district is conveniently located near the docks (near the visitor landing zone). Victorian clothing is avaliable as well as furniture and some unusual items at Knots and Watts. The staffing agency will gladly serve your party needs with professional service staff. Exotic items are readily available at the Windward Islands Trading Company and all that steam and smoke from Rhialtos Emporium seems to compete with the fog. The public gallery will often host openings and artist receptions.The nearby Gentlemens club (Explorers Club) may be more than it appears to be.

Pick up the latest edition of the The Eopch and enjoy a read and refreshment at the outdoor cafe. Take a stroll down Academy Street and a stopat  Riegler's gallery. Across from Riegler's is the well known Academy at 1888. At the end of the street is Calahans Pub, the social center of 1888. You will often find groups of citizens gathering there for conversation, dancing and general merriment. This is just a stroll down the main street. There is much more, including the opera, houses for rent, stables and carriage house. There is even a small chapel (used mostly for funerals). Come visit us and enjoy our friendly community and hospitality.